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Real, Meaningful, Deep-Down, Personality Questions.

  • 1:

    Do you hover over the toilet in public restrooms?

  • 2:

    Have you ever been cussed out?

  • 3:

    Have you ever found anything in your parents' bedroom that you found questionable?

  • 4:

    How often do you clean out your ears?

  • 5:

    Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?

  • 6:

    ^^^ How about sexuality?

  • 7:

    Have you ever had a really deep conversation with someone? What about?

  • 8:

    Aside from church (if you go), and love/relationships, have you ever confessed anything to anyone?

  • 9:

    Have you ever walked in high-heels?

  • 10:

    Do you like it when people play with your hair?

  • 11:

    If in the next five years, there was going to be a ship leaving to start a colony on Mars, would you sign up?

  • 12:

    Same as previous, but on the Moon?

  • 13:

    Same as 11, but on a moon around Saturn or Jupiter?

  • 14:

    If you could, would you take a bubble bath?

  • 15:

    If you HAD to choose, would you rather live without music or TV? What about [previous choice] or the Internet? Be honest!

  • 16:

    How do YOU break an awkward silence?

  • 17:

    What is one rule you live by?

  • 18:

    Have you ever worn the underwear of the opposite sex? What did you think of the experience? Would you do it again?

  • 19:

    Have you ever worn clothes other than underwear of the opposite sex? What did you think of the experience? Would you do it again?

  • 20:

    Favorite places to shop?

  • 21:

    Ever been to a thrift store?

  • 22:

    Ever made your own cosplay or halloween costume?

  • 23:

    Ever worn a wig?

  • 24:

    Most expensive piece of clothing you own.

  • 25:

    What are your thoughts on corsets?

  • 26:

    Ever been tied up? Would you ever want to be?

  • 27:

    Ever been handcuffed?

  • 28:

    Ever had a wet dream? Be honest, but you don't have to share details if you don't want to!

  • 29:

    Ever had a dream where you were married? Did you know the person?

  • 30:

    What is the highest you have ever fallen from?

  • 31:

    Do you shave your pubic hair?

  • 32:

    Have you ever shaved off your eyebrows? Has someone done it to you? Have you done it to someone else?

  • 33:

    Guys; have you ever shaved your armpits/legs/chest? Girls; have you ever shaved your face/head/chest?

  • 34:

    Ever plucked a nose hair? Did you cry?

  • 35:

    What was the most terrifying experience in your life?

  • 36:

    Ever seen a person or animal die in front of you?

  • 37:

    Do you get along better with guys or girls?

  • 38:

    Yes or no (unless you want to share), could someone blackmail you right now?

  • 39:

    What is your definition of 'Sex'.

  • 40:

    What is your definition of 'Cheating'.

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